Wrong Telephone Numbers

by Lisa and Raymond
(Ontario, Canada)

NCO keeps calling my house and now my husbands cell phone looking for someone that we are not and do not know. When asked to remove our numbers several times they have said that those are the numbers the person gave them and that they will stay on their file. They insist that our numbers cannot be removed from their files. How do we get our numbers removed?

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Oct 07, 2009
NCO calling wrong person
by: Gerri

Ugh. How absolutely annoying! I would recommend you take notes of every single phone call. You can use our free debt collection worksheet for that.

I would suggest you send them a certified letter (not sure what the term is in Canada, but basically a letter with proof of delivery). Tell them to stop contacting you.

Their US address is:

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044

If this is a Canadian branch of NCO, and a Canadian debt, then you may need to dig around their website for the correct contact information. (Or ask next time they call.) Their website is NCOGroup.com.

Also consider talking with a consumer law attorney. I don't know the laws are in Canada, but here in the US, our coauthor Bob Brennan helped a consumer successfully sue a collection agency that harassed her over a debt that was not hers.

Will you let us know what happens?

Jan 09, 2010
NCO practices
by: Anonymous

This company has done the same to me for months. I've spoken to them three times, and have been promised they would remove the number from their system but the calls continue.

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