Wrong person on bill

by Paul
(West Springfield Mass.)

I received a bill from RJM Acquisitions. Access code (deleted). Your Records are wrong. I am not the Person listed on the account,and I never lived at the address listed in chicopee mass. Also the social security Number Does Not Belong To Me.Where Do You get your information from? I want this matter Cleared Up, I don't Oue Any money On This account,Please Fix This Error and Send Me Confirmation that this bill is not mine and I have No Responsibility To Pay someone Elses Bill. If I dont recieve a Timely reply to this matter I will File Acomplaint with the Better Business Bureau.....Paul

Paul - You filed this complaint at DebtCollectionAnswers.com. We are not the collection agency. This page is simply a place where consumers can share their experiences. We are an educational website, not a collection agency.

Please send your dispute to the collection agency at the address listed on the letter they sent you. Again, we are NOT RJM Acquisitions and it is essential you contact them to file your dispute.

If you continue to have problems with this, you may want to read some of our information on how debt collection laws protect your rights. You can read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free for an overview of your rights.

Good luck to you!

- DebtCollectionAnswers.com

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