Wrong Person Debt Collection Calls for our Son who is abroad

by shan

We are getting debt collection calls for Gas and Electric debts for our son who has always lived at home and is now working in spain. We have tried to explain this to the caller that they cannot be for our son, but he is unable to explian this for himself as he is in Spain but they are just saying they can only discuss this matter with our son who is unavailable as he is in Spain and we are worried this could effect his credit rating. If these debt collection companies are unable to discuss the matter with us how do we go about getting htese to stop and see if this could be affecting his credit rating?

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Jul 17, 2012
Wrong Person Debt Collection Calls for our Son who is abroad
by: DebtCollection Answers.com

Are you sure that your son did not agree to guarantee payment for someone else's utility accounts? If he did and that person has not paid on the accounts then he would be obligated to pay them.

If your son did not, I recommend that you tell your son to write each of the debt collectors a letter stating that the debt each collector is trying to collect is not his (He can explain why.) and that he wants all contact regarding the debts to end immediately. He should include in each letter the amount of money he is being asked to pay and reference whatever account number is associated with the debt. He should also sign each letter and make a copy of each letter for his files. Then he should either mail the letters to you so you can send them certified mail with a return receipt requested or he should mail them from Spain if there is a means of mailing them that is equivalent to mailing them certified mail with a return receipt. (The return receipts confirm that each of the letters was received and they would be important if any of the collectors continued to contact him/you after he told them to stop.)

Once the debt collectors receive the letters, they are obligated by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to cease all contact with him other than to confirm receipt of the letters or to let him know if they plan to do anything further to collect on the debt -- sue him for example. If he is threatened with a lawsuit or if the calls to you continue after the letters have been received, then I recommend that you schedule free consultation with a consumer law attorney to discuss the situation and next steps.

Also, your son can find out if the debts have been reported to any of the credit bureaus by going to their websites and ordering a copy of his credit report from each one. The three credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If the debts appear on his credit reports, then he will need to dispute them and he can do that online as well.

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