Wife's Repo - Can They Come After Me?

by Rick
(atlanta ga.)

My wife lost her job and could no longer afford to make her car payment so she did a voluntary repo. Can they come after me if my name was not on the contract?

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Apr 05, 2011
Collections after repo
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


We aren't attorneys so we can't give legal advice, but we can tell you that Georgia is not a community property state, so generally individual debts are that person's responsibility, not their spouse's. Nevertheless, your wife is probably already very stressed out about losing her job, and having this debt to deal with is likely adding to that stress.

Our suggestion would be for you to both make an appointment for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney who can explain to you what the creditor can and cannot do to collect this debt from your wife. Talking with an attorney doesn't mean you have to file for bankruptcy. What it will do is allow you to get answers from a professional who can explain to you what your rights are here.

We hope this helps, and we hope your wife is back to work very soon!

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