Why Is The Insurance Company Sending Bills In My Sons Name

by Luis
(tampa, fl. U.S.A.)

I have insurance (Humana). Recently they joined in some sort of alliance with RightSource. Since the initial screw up and what have you have gotten sorted out the only thing still pressing is that they continue to send bills in my sons name. He has ADHD and is taking meds for it.

I have, since the inception of the program (Humana/RightSource) continually told them(RightSource) that my son is a minor and to NOT send any bills in his name.

I have had the same problem with his doctor (actually the doctors billing office) and also when I opened a credit union account.

Since when has it become standard practice to send minors billing/checking information? Is this not how identities are stolen?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Unfortunately, this is not really a debt collection issue and we don't know the answer. You may want to file a complaint with your state insurance commission.

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