Why Is Collection Account More Then What Is On My Credit Report?

by Hannah
(Augusta, GA)

In December 2008 I joined the army, receiving a 20K sign on bonus. I married my husband in December 2009, and with him being in the army also and me being pregnant we thought it would be best if I got out and stayed home with the baby to avoid the chance of us both being deployed. April 1st, 2010 I separated from the army, with my commander telling me that I may have to pay back my bonus, and if I did I would receive a letter in the mail saying so. So I updated my contact information to include my husband's number as a secondary, and my new address (on the same sheet), and that was the last I heard about it.

Today (April 22nd 2011)when my husband got home from work he had a missed call on his phone. When he called back they asked for me by my maiden name, and wouldn't tell my husband what it was about, saying "it's personal business." When I got on the phone he told me he was a debt collector trying to settle a debt I had with the department of defense. He told me that they had been trying to reach me for a while but couldn't find me, and amount I owed was $20,300 and some change. Which was a few hundred more then the bonus that I received in the first place.

We talked some more, but never agreed on a payment plan, and I found it odd that they could find my husbands phone number to call me but not my address which I had written on the same form to inform about this before it went to a collection agency in the first place. We could have been making payments on it this whole time, but I guess that doesn't matter now. When the conversation ended I looked up my credit report. The amount in the report from all 3 credit agencies was $15,917. There is an almost 4,500 dollar difference between what my credit report said I owed and what the creditor is asking for.

While the creditor was pushing me to give me my bank account info asking for a "good faith payment"(I wouldn't give him my information and asked for the address to send a cashiers check) he told me that what he was doing was free and that there would be no charges from them,and that paying over the phone would save me time and a stamp(I still wouldn't).

Why is there such a difference in these numbers? Especially when he told me that there was no charges from them?

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Apr 25, 2011
Military Bonus Repayment
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


We are sorry but we just don't know anything about repaying military bonuses. Maybe one of our readers will have a suggestion. The other thing you can do is contact your Congressional Representative and/or Senators in Washington. They have ombudsmen on staff who help constituents resolve problems with government agencies. We presume that would include problems with the military. You may also want to check out military money matters to see if they have a suggestion for you.

Jul 24, 2011
by: e-3

Hi, dont know if im late or not but I got 5k for 36 month enlistment. I ets at 28 months. My unit said i didn't owe any money and when i went to get the va loan to purchase a house about 3 years later the us treasury was standing on my credit for 7k. They gave me a direct 800 number to treasury but they only wanted to talk about payment plans, i hung up lol. neway I talked with a education rep who is also a veteran and he told me based upon your finances you can summon them for hardship and have it knock out. Look into that and consult with a lawyer. Good Luck.

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