Who is responsible to pay for a hospital stay 1 week prior to my mom's death?

by Jan
(Perth Amboy, NJ USA)

My mom was taken from a rehab facilty to a hospital. The hospital said she had to be returned to the rehab place but she refused to go back. Now the hospital wants close to $13,000 for her over stay. Since she refused to go back to rehab & the hospital didn't want her the only recourse was to send her home but that was impossible because there was no one to care for her. It took me 2 days to set up a home care person at $200 per day &she passed away in 6 days. Who is going to pay for this bill? She had no money to speak of...any money was used tp pay for her funeral & bills. I've tried to appeal this but to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! J Papp

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