who does it go to

my grandfather and aunt got a mortgage loan in 1999 he died in 2000 and my mother and aunt paid it off. when my aunt and grandfather did the closing he did a quick claim deed and put his name and my aunt name. he has other children do they own part of the house

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Jan 03, 2013
who does it go to
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

A quitclaim deed (Not a quick claim deed as you wrote) is a legal document used to transfer one person's interest in a piece of real estate (a building, home, or raw land) to someone else. That person may own 100% of the real estate or just a portion of it. The only portion he or she can transfer is whatever percentage he or she owns.

I am not sure from your question if your grandfather transferred all of his ownership interest to your aunt and so she now owns 100% of the real estate, or just a portion of it. If she owns 100% of the property, then no one else is entitled to it. However, if your grandfather retained a portion of it and prepared an estate plan before he died, then I imagine he indicated in that plan who should inherit his share. If he did not prepare an estate plan, then the intestate law of his state of residence will determine who ends up with his share of the property.

For a more specific and complete answer to your question, I recommend that you consult with a probate law attorney in your area. You probably need no more than an hour of the attorney's time, which should not cost a lot.

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