While I was enlisted, I had a cell phone contract

by Aaron
(Hazel park Michigan)

While enlisted, I had a cell phone, I did make the company aware of the fact that I was enlisted and that I was not interested in a contract, nor does the Army recognize contracts for their men.

I was shipped out shortly after and canceled the cell phone.

The phone company, sent me to collect as a default while I was enlisted. That company sold me. Then started to rack up interest and penalty fees.

How can get them off my back?

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May 26, 2010
cell phone collection
by: Gerri


I don't know about the rules regarding contracts while you are in the military, but if you truly believe this debt is not valid, then you can write to the collection agency and ask them not to contact you again. Learn about cease and desist letters here.

Once you send that letter, they can only contact you to inform you of legal action they are taking against you. And if you are in the right, then I doubt they would do so. I hope this helps! please do let us know how it turns out.

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