Which State Laws Do You Follow

by shelly

If you entered a car loan agreement in Florida but now live in Texas which state laws do you follow? The state in which you live or in the state the debt was purchased? Also if the state says Federal law applies do you still go by the years of that state for the years that a debt collector can sue and bother you for? If not what are the guideline for the Federal laws on credit cards and automobiles?

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Nov 03, 2010
a little more information please
by: Gerri


There are no federal statute of limitations for suing to collect a debt. That is a matter of state law.

What is your situation? Do you still have the car or was it repossessed? Are they coming after you for a deficiency? How long has it been since the repossession? Who is trying to collect from you - the original creditor or a collector. Have you been sued?

A little more information will help me point you in the right direction. Please use the comments link below.

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