Where can I find a lawyer that will help me in negotiating my debt?

I recently purchased your book and and helping a family member that has been contacted by debt collectors. Where can I find a lawyer that offers help with debt negotiation? I seem to only be able to find an attorney that either wants to pursue an affirmative case against the debt collector but not help negotiate the debt or a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy. I have not been able to find any legal help for someone that wants to negotiate a settlement on the debt without having to go into bankruptcy. I live in Chicago.

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Nov 12, 2009
Lawyer to help with negotiation
by: Gerri

It's great you are helping out your family member. They are probably under a lot of stress, and appreciate that you can help relieve some of that.

It can be hard to find an attorney who specializes in negotiation. There are a few, but I am not aware of any directory that lists them.

You may instead need the services of a firm that negotiates debt. You may be aware of the controversy surrounding that industry.

My coauthor Mary Reed recently completed an interview with an expert in that field, and we will be posting that podcast on the site soon. In the meantime, we'll send you it directly.

Hope it helps!

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