What happens to store charge accounts

I am in trouble with several store charge accounts that i can't pay now and i don't have some of the items as they were gifts and i don't think i can get them back. The accounts were mostly linked to G E money bank which i have read horror stories about.

Also my name and my mothers is on a 12 yr old car this was done so that i could insure and register the car because i take her to all of her drs. appts. and for groceries and etc. Our names are in an "or" mode on the title. She is disabled and so am i. she gets ss retirement check and i get ss disability and ssi checks.

When i incurred my debt i had more disposable income and was able to pay bills but now im no longer sharing bills for everything and am on my own entirely.

I own nothing of value except for an old computer that's more than 6 years old. what should i do? I cant file a chapter 7 bankruptcy because i was included in one in marriage 4 + yrs ago.

I really would rather pay my debts but don't know how since i get less than $700 per month now and my rent and utilities and basic needs take all that up.

I have begged and borrowed for 6 months now but This just isn't working cause its only helped me make the minimum payments amounting to $280.00 a month and friends and family need me to pay them too.

I don't know about credit clinics so many bad reports on so many of them who do you trust to help get yourself out of such a dark depressing void as this without becoming a victim to disreputable companies.

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Sep 30, 2010
struggling to pay store debts
by: Gerri & Mary

We are sorry to hear you are struggling with these debts. It certainly sounds like your income is limited, and it may be difficult for you to even pay the minimums on your department store cards.

Even though you may not be eligible to file for bankruptcy act, we would encourage you to talk with a Click here to add your own comments

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