What happens if you fail to pay the deposit on a car?

by Rodd
(Plano, TX)

My girlfriend just bought a new car and there was a mix up with who she pays the deposit check to. The bank which she received the loan from has already paid the dealership and she has made her first payment to the bank.

Well, needless to say the dealership or whatever company she paid the deposit didn't cash the check until 2 months after she provided it to them and her bank rejected it and now there is someone calling her telling her she needs to have her lawyer contact them and to enjoy the car while she still has it.

She hasn't received any collection mail or a claim number and every time she calls the person back who's leaving the messages they never answer. Is there anything she needs to be aware of in this situation? and what happens if she just doesn't pay the deposit?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Ugh. It sounds like a mess. We would recommend you talk with an attorney because the vehicle could be at risk of repossession. We wish we could give you a more detailed answer, but this is the first time we've heard of something like this!

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