what can I do for default judgement

by Robert
(Vancouver Washington)

I have a default judgement entered against me for a $4000 credit card debt from 2004. The judgement is from 2009. They had garnished my wages and stopped garnishing after collecting $1750. No further action has been taken. Once they stop a wage garnishment I don't think they can restart it unless I changed jobs.

Do they have to file papers with the court to levy my bank account like they did with wage garnishment against my employer. This whole thing has been kind of shady on their part. Too many details to include here and stay focused. It seems they are more interested in growing the debt with interest rather than settling.

I had a settlement company with lawyers settling credit debt and they refused to accept any offers. Even MBNA got a judgement and ended up settling for far less than I offered them in the first place.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com

Robert, you mentioned you were working with a firm with attorneys who were settling debt for you...? They should be able to tell you more specifically how judgment can be enforced. If they can't, you may want to talk with your state attorney general/consumer protection office and see if they can provide you with that information.

As for the fact that this company won't settle with you, it's hard to imagine that they won't work with you in some way. After all it does them no good to have a judgment if they don't collect! (We're not doubting what you are saying, just shaking our heads over the way these companies sometimes operate.)

The only thing we can suggest is to try to get the attention of someone higher up with a reasonable offer to settle. You might do some research online to find out the name and address of the firm, or one of it's lawyers, and send them a certified letter with your offer to see if you can get them to give your proposal serious consideration.

Maybe one of our readers can chime in with an additional suggestion.

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