wells fargo not sticking to their promise

last october i was told by wells fargo that if i made $1400 payment they would waive my late fees and i would be completely caught up. then last month i was told that i still owed the late fees and i needed to make over $2000 in payments still. i asked them to listen to their calls from october because i was assured i was up to date and needed to only make regular payments, which i have been. they refuse to go back and listen to those calls. what can i do?

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Jan 06, 2016

by: Gerri E.

It's always best to get all of the details related to any kind of agreement you make with a bank or some other creditor in writing before you begin paying on the agreement. That way, there is something in black and white and there is a disagreement later about what was agreed to, there will be a written document to help you resolve the conflict.

I think that if you have not gotten any satisfaction by speaking to a Wells Fargo customer service representative, you should try calling again and ask to speak to a supervisor. However, I am not optimistic that you will be able to resolve your problem in a way that makes you happy because you are in a "he said/she said" situation and Wells Fargo has more power than you do given that neither of you have anything in writing documenting your October agreement.

You might also want to put the facts of your situation in a letter and send it to the appropriate person at Wells Fargo. Be sure to get the name of a specific person to write to. Maybe you'll luck out and be able to work out a compromise with the company. Again, I am not hopeful but it's worth a try.

You can also try to negotiate a new agreement with Wells Fargo similar to the one your negotiated in October. However, as I stated before, ask for the company to put the terms of the agreement in writing before you start paying on it.

Good luck!

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