Wakefield and Associates

by Joy

Got a call asking for someone with my husband's name (there are 7 people with the same/similar name listed in our city). My husband was not available. William asked if I was the wife and proceeded to tell me about a debt that isn't my husband's. No matter what I asked, he spoke over me. He interrupted at every turn and wouldn't consider that he had called the wrong person. He proceeded to threaten me, and when I wouldn't wilt under his intimidation, he threatened me a second time.

Strange thing - my husband came home just at the end of this call and William heard me ask if he wanted to talk to a debt collector.... William hung up as soon as he heard my husband's voice in the background. So does this company want to contact the correct people? Or would they rather intimidate and threaten the wives of people with similar names?

I could not even request a validation of the debt because William wouldn't listen to even half of my questions. Want to bet they'll send it to a different address if I'm ever able to request it?

My mother-in-law received a debt collection call the other day. I will have to find out if Wakefield and Associates are playing darts with the phone book.

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Feb 23, 2012
you can file a lawsuit on this
by: Anonymous

You can call an attorney's office that specializes in debt harrassment and get a settlement for these calls, especially if you aren't the person they are trying to call. I would suggest you do this. Someone also might be trying to collect your personal information to do some identify theft. I would do this ASAP to protect yourself, your credit and your identity.

Apr 02, 2017
Who the hell do I owe for them to put a neg. score on my credit record??
by: Anonymous

Just checked my credit score. I have a neg. and saying I owe over 600$ I have never heard of them or gotten anything in mail from this collection company. I also do not owe ANYONE 600.00$ . Was put on credit score this month. March. I think they are trying to scam people.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com

It is possible they have mixed you up with someone with a similar name but it also is clear you should dispute this debt and try to get it removed from your credit reports. We suggest you read our page about how to dispute credit report errors.

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