wage garnishment for three debts?

by Kat
(New York, NY)

I have already in place a Tax (NYC State) garnishment order in place against my paychecks, which is being taken out. I just received another wage garnish order from the City Marshal's office (credit card debt). I work sporadically, and collect unemployment when not working. When I go back to work, will my wages be garnished twice - i.e. ONE for NYC State Tax and TWO for Credit Card judgement?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Kat, it sounds like you are under enormous financial stress. There is a very helpful website published by the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project, Inc. that will walk you through your rights. You'll find it here:


We wish every state put out such clear and helpful information. Hopefully it will help you understand what these creditors can and cannot do.

It might also be helpful for you to consult with a bankruptcy attorney at some point. Once you get back to work, you may need to consider filing to get a fresh start.

Hand in there, and we hope things turn around for you soon.

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