Wage Garnishment for estrange husband

by Sandra
(Phoenix Arizona)

Me and my estrange husband have been separted for a very long time. I have not done any filing for legal separation for divorce.

The City of Phoenix is wanted to garnish my check for his outstanding tickets that he has.

Can they do this?

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Dec 22, 2011
Wage Garnishment for estrange husband
by: Debtcollectionanswers


Arizona is a community property state. That means, among other things, that when you are married, you and your spouse are equally responsible for the debts that either of you incur. In other words, if your estranged spouse does not pay a debt that he owes -- like his outstanding tickets -- then the creditor is entitled to come after you for the money.

To protect yourself from future problems related to debts your husband may wrack up and not pay, I recommend that you meet with a divorce attorney. If you do not believe in divorce, it's possible that a legal separation agreement may protect you from the future actions of your spouse. However, that is something you should discuss with a divorce attorney.

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