Voice mail messages from American Associates

by Joseph

I received a voicemail from a woman named Leslie Olsen saying that she was trying to get my address for a process server to serve me a court summons for a case against me. She also said that I could contact the plaintiff and they MIGHT be able to do something and gave me a number (866-275-2183) and a case number. I know I have no suits against me in my county. I'm pretty sure this was illegal and a scam but what bothers me is they also called my wife and brother and left the same message. My question is how did they get my brothers number and what can I do to stop this?

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Oct 31, 2011
Voice mail messages from American Associates
by: DebtCollectionanswers.com.

You are correct, what is going on is probably a scam. Legitimate process servers do not call people by phone to get their addresses and even if they did, you would be under no obligation to provide them with the information.

If I were you, I would do three things. First, save the voice mail messages and ask your wife and brother to do the same. Should there be reason to take legal action against American Associates, the messages may be helpful. Second, talk with a consumer law attorney who helps people resolve their debt collection problems to find out if American Associates has broken any law and if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Go here to learn about sources of free legal advice about debt collection problems.

Third, contact your state attorney general?s office to report the phone calls you and your family members are receiving. Although the office will not take action on behalf of a single individual, if it receives enough complaints about the actions of a company that is doing something illegal, it may act on behalf of all the consumers ? file a class action lawsuit, for example.

As for what you can do to make the calls and voicemails stop, I suspect that they will end eventually once the caller realizes that you are not going to call back. However, the attorney you talk with may have another suggestion.

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