violation of FDCPA

by Hugo

Is a violation of the FDCPA has occurred how much time I have to sue a collection agency in California? I am located in California Pasadena

If a violation that occurs while I still owning money to a collator even they still sending me letter at home or calling me at home I still can sue them in that moment or year even if I still unpaid the collection agency or have not settle my account?

Please e mail me to let me know.
thank you

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Sep 03, 2010
Debt Collection Lawsuit
by: Gerri & Mary


Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act you generally have one year to bring a lawsuit against the debt collector. In California, however, you also have a strong consumer protection law called the Rosenthal Act, which or co-author Robert Brennan explains in more detail in the California edition of our e-book.

Since you are in California, we would recommend you go ahead and contact Robert Brennan's law offices at They will be able to explain to you whether you have a case against the debt collector under state and/or federal law, and will be able to help you decide whether to pursue that.

We hope that helps. Feel free to follow up using the comments link below.

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