Victim Of Fraudulent And Identity Theft

by Magdalena

To whom it may concern, Madam or Sir;

My full name is Magdalena (last name removed), I live in the state of New York and on disability. Upon doing my annual credit report back in March 22, 2011 I came across devastating news after I had applied for an apartment and waited along period of time. I was finally called earlier this year for an apartment offer and sadly was quickly denied due to my poor credit report.

The debt in question is $9,198. I wish there was someone in Atlantic Credit & Finance who be kind, respectful and considerate that would help me with this matter, as i am innocent and a victim of identity theft and wasn't aware of this fraudulent account until my interview for an apartment. This devastating bad news has put a hardship burden on me and has taken a toe on my well-being.

I have NOT applied for any loans nor credits. Someone has stolen my identity and fraudulently signed and opened an account under my personal information.

I have since filed a police report for identity theft and have exhausted trying to contact Atlantic Credit & Finance for the pass four months but windup mailing my affidavit documents with the proven fact.

All I want now is for Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc to see the affidavit documents which I have submitted and promptly remove the debt from my credit report.

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Oct 20, 2013
Identity theft
by: Adriana andrade

I believe that I'm a victim of identity theft as for my social security card has been lost for at least 5 years or so and I haven't had the time to get a new one all of a sudden I'm getting a letter stating that I owe such amount for something.

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We recommend you visit the website for the Identity Theft Resource Center. It has excellent information about how to handle identity theft. Hope it's helpful!

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