Vacationing child

Grandma took child to hospital now im in collections is this my bill if I did not sign

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Apr 27, 2012
Vacationing child

I am sorry that your child became ill on her vacation, but happy that her grandmother was there to take the child to the hospital. As for the fact that your child's hospital bill went unpaid and is now in collections, in our society the parent is usually considered to be the one who is responsible for paying for their minor child's medical care, and in some states even if another adult brings the child to the hospital and signs the paperwork, as happened in the instance you write about, the parent is held legally responsible for paying for the child's unpaid hospital bills. It sounds like this is your situation.

If you cannot afford to pay your child's hospital bills, I recommend that you contact the collector to try to work out a payment plan. Another option may be to settle the debt -- pay off the debt for less than what you owe. If you negotiate a settlement, you will probably have to pay the amount in one lump sum. Also, whether you negotiate a settlement or a payment plan with the collector, be sure to get all of the terms of your agreement in writing before you pay any money. Go here if you would like to get expert information on how to negotiate with your creditors and collectors.

Filing for bankruptcy is another option that some people pursue when they are overwhelmed with medical debt or when a collector is about to sue them for the money they owe. If this is an option you feel you may need to pursue, schedule a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney.

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