Utility debt collection

Can a utility company disconnect your telephone service for an unpaid debt from over 10 years ago? It was my deceased mothers debt. The estate went through probate almost 12 years ago.

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Feb 10, 2012
Utility debt collection
by: Debtcollectionanswers

As background information for your question, when a deceased person's estate goes through probate, as many of his or her debts as possible are paid by the estate, which represents the assets that that person owned at the time of death. If there are not enough assets to pay all of the debts, the creditors who don't get paid are usually out of luck. However, if any of the debts were joint debts, then they can look to the other borrower for payment. The same is true if someone co-signed on an account with the deceased and that account did not get paid during probate.

Given this information, I would need more details about the phone service to provide you with a definitive answer and you are probably better off contacting your state Public Utility Commission or a consumer law attorney. For example, I am unclear as to whether the phone service was in your name as well as your mother's and if it was, I am not sure that the utility is entitled to cut off your service for such an old debt. If the account related to your phone service was never associated with your mother's service, then your phone should not have been disconnected because you are not legally obligated to pay her unpaid debts.

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