using my address, phone number for debt not mine

I have received calls for months for a person i thought I didn't know, I got a friend request and it was from this person who's using my address. She is a friends sister. When you google her name she is linked to my whole family. My mom and brother are getting calls. Do you know how she has linked herself to my family. And what can Ido about it I know what state she lives in I am trying to find out where else she has used my info. I did put a fraud alert on my credit
I would appreciate any info that could help figure it out.
Thank you

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Apr 18, 2012
other person using your phone no. for debt

We talked with Victor Searcy, an expert with Identity Theft 911, for an answer to your question. Of course, without all the details of your situation, it's impossible to give you a definitive answer, but here are his thoughts:

It sounds like the only commonality is the address. It does not sound like the “suspect” is using anyone’s PII. I am assuming the calls are from debtors that the suspect owes money to. She probably opened accounts with the intent to defraud them, but wanted to use a valid address to get accounts approved, maybe have access to a mailbox to intercept bills, purchases, etc.

The reason her family is all getting calls is most likely connected to a skip-trace on the address itself. Debtors looking for her are using the address to locate her. By using a public records database like Lexus-Nexus, you can not only see all the people that are at that address, but it can make a connection to relatives at others addresses as well. So the skip-trace on the address would most likely lead to these other relatives.

As to how to stop it. It's very difficult, if not impossible to remove from public records because there are so many databases in existence. If I were in her position, I would:

1. Notify the post office of the misuse of the address:

2. Gather as much information on the suspect as possible: name, current address, etc

3. Notify any creditor of the situation, provide information on the suspect, and then advise them that they are no longer allowed to call

4. If I continued to get calls, I would change my number to an unlisted one. Same for the relatives.

She could also file a police report, but at this stage I think the notification to the postal service would be better and more effective. I would only file if the situation escalated (merchandise starts showing up, PII gets used, etc). Changing the phone number seems like an easy way out, but I have seen some people deal with this for months and years before finally giving in, so I would do it before I got too aggravated.

We will also add to Victor's advice, that if you notify debt collectors that they have the wrong person and instruct them not to call you anymore, but they continue to do so, then you should talk with a consumer law attorney.

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