US Treasury Offset Letter

by Tammy
(Palm Springs, CA)

Can the debt collector take more than what was stated in the original US Treasury Offset Letter? The agency states a balance of .10 cents was still owing after seizing my tax return for the full amount and now has resulted in another $200 in collection fees, is this legal?

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Jun 10, 2010
answer to your question
by: Gerri & Mary

I am sorry we don't understand your question. Can you elaborate and clarify it for us? What kind of debt do you owe and for how much? Can you clarify the timeline? You can use the comments link below to respond. Thanks.

Jun 15, 2010
Seizing income tax
by: Anonymous

Oh sorry. It was a student loan taken out about 15 years ago. The remaining balance was taken out of my income tax return. So I assumed it was all paid off. However, there was still a balance of .10 cents and not the collector is charging another $200 to collect on the unpaid balance. After they secure a debt with the income tax, can they come back for the .10 cents or do they have to take the amount they stated was owning at the time the seized my income tax. Thanks.

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