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U.s. collection west just finished a wage garnishment against me for a non-payment of rent. I owed 200.00. The total judgement was for for 585.00 with the collection fees i paid 800.00. Because they continued to garnish after the debt was paid and the human resourse dept where i work contacted them i paid over a 1000.00 and had to wait to be refunded. About a week after this debt was satisfied u.s west started sending me collection attempts and calling me at work.this time the amount was for 3500.00. 585.00 of it was the judment i just paid, plus the the court fees again ,plus the same collection fees again, plus damages(itemilized list of fake damages)fees for a constable to lock us out (which never happened , i returned key before the five days elapsed.)So i disputed the 3500.00 debt.they called me at work being demanding and rude.so i told them i would not take thier call anymore,they had my home address.the next day they serve me court papers claiming i owe 3500.00. The court papers say i owe for the balance of a lease (owner agreed to drop lease because of a major plumbing issue, i have nothing in writting) not for any of of the reasons they claimed while trying to collect it from me.

At the pre-trial conference the collection rep was so rude and aggressive. My husband had to walk out because she was trying to argue with him. She wanted me to sign a payment contract ,i refused and told her i think i need a lawyer because this was over my head and I'm worried about my rights. She told me how stupid that was and I should of already had a lawyer if I was going to get one, that she was going to "just go in there and tell them to start the garnishment process then and I'll pay more.

This company has garnished me before and i feel they have tricked me into defaulting every time. They take more than the judgement amount by claiming its a few hundred dollars more than it was. They keep me confused with paperwork that is never signed or dated and O live in fear that one day at work my boss will hand me another envelope with a first, second, and final notice and letter informing me my next check will be garnished and i wont be able to pay my rent.my husband is disabled. I'm the only one working we have five kids so this is terrifying. Is there anything i can do?

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Dec 14, 2015
Harrasment call
by: Anonymous

It was a harassment call. People think we sit under the money tree. They ask first thing" how much money are you paying now". The Reps. change frequently. Their tone is scary and threatening.

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