Unpaid Electricity bill is not mine. I said I would be the contact person

by Suzi
(Hot Springs AR)

I agreed to be the contact person for my step father on his electricity bill because he didn't have a phone.

The bill is over $2,000 and they say I am responsible to pay it.

I don't have the money. Entergy says they will shut off my electricity. I live in HUD housing with my 3 children. If my electricity is cut off, I will lose my HUD housing.

I never signed anything.

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Suzi -

We would recommend you contact your state public utility commission asap and ask them what can be done. It sounds like the electric company is trying to strongarm you into paying a bill you are not responsible for.

If they are not cooperative, contact your state representative or Senator (not the ones in Washington DC - the ones who sit on your state legislature) and ask for an ombudsman who can help you. Most elected officials have someone on staff who can help with constituent problems.

If neither of those avenues work, you may need to get a consumer law attorney involved.

Let us know what happens here OK?

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