unknown caller to my husband's work phone

by Dawson
(Leesville, SC)

If the automated caller asks for me by name then says say yes or no if it is in fact me how do I know what type of call it is? The thing is that this call is being place on my husbands work phone. How do I figure this out considering I'm not there? If this a debt collector wouldn't they leave a contact number? Please help to figure this out....very frustrated.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Dawson, Is it possible that you gave a creditor your husband's work phone when you were filling out some kind of joint credit application? If so, they may be calling to try to locate you to collect a debt.

It sounds like the only way to find out for sure is to respond by stating that you are the person that they are trying to reach. If it is a third party debt collector calling, then you can tell them this is a work phone number and you cannot accept calls there again. If they call that phone number again, they will be breaking the law.

If it is a creditor calling, you can tell them the same thing. You don't have the FDCPA on your side if you are dealing with a creditor (rather than a collector) but hopefully if you give them the correct number to reach you at, they will stop calling your husband's work phone number.

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