Unable to pay for magazine subscription

by John
(Hendersonville NC)

In November of 2009 I received a call on the phone about subscribing to a magazine company, I told them I had no financial income at the time, but apparently they kept my info on file and when I got a job and opened up an account at the bank in May of 2010, I then received a call from them and I ordered a subscription, I was then arrested and put in jail, I was incarcerated for about 7 mos and during this time they called my aunt repeatedly about the monthly payments, and she told them where I was at.

When I returned home 2 weeks ago I called customer service and explained my situation and was told that (I REALLY DID'T WANT THIS SENT A COLLECTION BECAUSE IT WOULD MESS MY CREDIT UP )I told her that I would send a payment this week if I could back to work, suffice to say I called her back about an hour ago and told her that I could not return to work and could not make a payment and wanted to cancel the subscription where it was and she could send it to a collection agency and I would pay it when I was able.

She got an attitude then and told me that she could not cancel without a cancellation fee, I then told her that I could not even by myself a soda at the store so how could I pay the fee, I also told her that I was recording the conversation, which I in fact was not, she then said that i could not record it without her permission and that she would have me arrested an put back in jail.

Can she do that even though I did not actually record anything?

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Jan 28, 2011
magazine subscription problem
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


It sounds like you don't dispute the fact that you subscribed to this magazine, but now you cannot pay for it and you are hoping to get out of it with no damage to your credit. Unfortunately, we can't offer you a surefire way to do that. (However, the cancellation fee may or may not be legal, depending on the contract to which you agreed. You'd have to ask a lawyer about that one.)

If you can't pay this debt, it can be sent to collections. However, if it's a small amount, they may not bother. (You didn't indicate how much they say you owe.) Also keep in mind that collection accounts where the original balance is less than $100 don't count in the current version of FICO's scoring program.

Even though you are frustrated with the situation, I wouldn't recommend you threaten or get nasty with the person who is trying to collect unless you think they are acting in bad faith or trying to do something illegal. Just try to stay calm, be clear about your situation and why you can't pay, and ask them if there are any solutions that can be worked out. Be polite and don't let them push your buttons.

If the debt is sent to a third party collection agency, make sure you at least
read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you understand your rights when dealing with them.

Hang in there and try to focus on getting back to work so you can deal with this later.

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