Two debt collectors for the same debt

by Migue

So i get this call from a debt collection agency on an account i do have default asking to settle the account. However i got a call a week before for the same account but different collection agency. The one that call me recently didnt verify my ss and my dob correctly they got upset because i didnt wanna give them my bank account to set payment arrangements. I advise them that i was gonna call the other company that called me earlier to verify. They got upset and threatening me stating that they were gonna take me to court and for me to get a good lawyer, the other company that called me earlier did verify my info. So what do i do?

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We always advise consumers not to pay a collection agency until they verify the debt. You have the right to receive written notification of the debt. Tell the collection agency to send something to you in writing. If they won't then they are either breaking the law, or are a scam operation.

If they call again, tell them you have paid the debt. Ask them to send you something in writing, and if they won't, tell them you will report them to the Federal Trade Commission if they continue to call.

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