Two debt collectors and one is fake

by Niki

I live in California and am having an issue with a company in Ohio. I recieved about 5 phone calls from these people in a span of about 10 minutes while at work on Decemeber 4, 2012(Strike one). After “talking”( more like her bullying me) to her and asking for her to send me some information in writing, she refused stating they have in the past and aren't going to do that anymore, (strike two) they were apparently sending it an address that I hadn't lived at in almost 4 years. But somehow managed to get my new cell phone number but not my new address which I have changed with the post office every time I've moved.

After threatening to sue me and garnish my wages and seize my assets I gave in and gave her my bank account information. I have since made 3 payments of $36.30 on a debt in the amount of over $2000 that they say I owe on a credit card with a principal balance of $615 which they claim they purchased on December 30, 2011( yeah a little fishy).

This last week January, 15, 2013 I received a debt collection notice from a company I have heard before wanting to collect on the exact same debt (I verified original account numbers) I called this debt collector to find out what the deal is.

I spoke to a very nice lady who told be that they purchased this debt on January 31, 2012 and that even with their fees and everything the debt I owed to them was only $865, that the debt NEVER reached anywhere near $2000. So I told her that I wanted to figure out what is going on before I committed to making payments to them and she was perfectly ok with that, unlike the extremely rude woman I talked to from "Smith & Travis, LTD” I searched this company on Google and found NOTHING on this company , everyone can be found on Google. (strike three).

I have since contacted the better business bureau and had them try to investigate this company as possibly fraudulent. I was emailed back with them stating that they have no record of this business doing business in the city of Cincinnati, and no official record of them being registered with Ohio secretary of state. BIG RED FLAG!

That was the final straw. Tonight I called and put a stop payment on my account(which is another fishy thing, they name of the company that was debiting from my account says “credit one Visa” shouldn't it say “Smith & Travis, LTD" since they supposedly own the debt now not Credit one bank?)

I’m going to my sheriff department and filing a fraud investigation on them. I am not disputing that I owe the on this credit card, I am disputing that I owe that amount and that i owe it "Smith & Travis, LTD" Im not sure if I am even in the direction. If my gut feeling on this company being fraudulent is false, any help would be appreciated.

P.S. they only company reporting on my credit report in Company #2, the company that I HAVE heard of before.

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The tip off was when the first company threatened to garnish your wages and seize your assets. Those threats are illegal and any legitimate debt collector should know that.

You're probably out the money you paid, though it wouldn't hurt to talk with your bank and find out if they can trace who the payments actually went to.

Unfortunately there a lot of debt collection scams occurring these days.

You may also want to report this to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at

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Feb 18, 2013
Victim of Smith & Travis, LTD
by: Anonymous

Our stories are very similiar. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and Smith & Travis located me by calling several family members threatening to garnish my wages until one of them finally gave out my phone number.

I was crying on the phone with a collector due to threats of sherriffs, garnishments and property seizure - ended up giving the phone to my husband and he gave out our checking acct number.

I then composed myself several days later, withdrew my authorization for withdrawl both verbally and over email. They did email back stating they owned the debt now eff 12-30-11 and had inflated the $1015 owed to Credit One to a whopping $3500. Once I withdrew the authorization, they stated they would take me to court and I would have to pay over $6000.

To no surprise, they still withdrew from the checking acct and it stated a name that was not Smith & Travis. I am nervous, still pregnant and dreading being served since I have read about them summonsing 2 other people on alternate sites.

Are these people really scammers?

Mar 25, 2013
Same Issue
by: Anonymous

Both of you may want to schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney. You may have legal recourse. You can get free legal advice here.

I was actually relieved to read your post. I have had the EXACT, to a tee, issue with this so called law firm. Also, the debt is owed to Credit One Bank on my end as well. I set up payments to get them to hush, however, I cancelled through my bank as soon as I met with my credit counselor and they advised me it IS a scam. I was harrassed, threatened, called names, etc etc etc.. all over a $453 credit card that they were wanting to collect over $1700 for. Also, they advised me they do not have a website and dont need one.. really? Also, I never received anything in writing and they refused to send me anything. All they said they can do is email or fax me a confirmation that I set up payment arrangements.. This did not settle well with me, hence why I went to my credit counselor. As of now, it is quiet and they have hushed. But I have filed a complaint with BBB.. So hopefully that will go somewhere.

Aug 25, 2015
Seek Legal Action
by: Charles Underwood

If what you are saying is correct, you may be well off getting some free legal advice with an attorney that specializes in this area of law. Any legal collection firm would not make threats or call you so many times in one day. You can also go on the Internet to see what other comments you are receiving from other consumers.

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