TurboDebt Reviews: Is It Legitimate?

You may recall our debt relief reviews article where we question the legitimacy of debt relief company reviews.

Today we are going to cover TurboDebt, a relatively new company in this space.

TurboDebt reviews are mostly positive and seem nearly perfect. Are they legit or fabricated? Our article will help you understand TurboDebt reviews.

We will also cover some signs to watch out for and how to identify a legitimate debt settlement company.

What is service is TurboDebt pitching?

If you have seen the Turbo Debt ads on Tiktok and taken a step further to search the company and check reviews on the company, you have many unanswered questions. Turbo Debt is a debt settlement company that aims to help people get rid of debt.

In these advertisements, Turbo Debt promises individuals that by working with them, their credit scores will not be significantly affected, and they won't have to pay back their loans. These are enough catches to get the attention of anyone looking to get out of debt and get a financial start. But is this possible?

I can assure you that debt settlement can be suitable debt relief option depending on your financial situation. However, it does affect your credit score negatively. It is also not a sure method since some creditors may refuse to negotiate, and you need to offer them a lump sum payment. So, you will need to pay to settle your debt.

Therefore, these claims from Turbo debt and the information they use in their ads are quite wanting but tempting to many.

If you are struggling with debt where you may have to update payment dates each month, put additional expenses on credit cards and just pay minimums or have to choose which bills to pay, check our Ascend's debt settlement calculator. It is 100% free and allows you to compare

How Much Will I Pay By Using TurboDebt?

TurboDebt may provide free consultation (source), but it mentions that it is an exclusive partner of National Debt Relief. So, how much is this going to cost you? To assist you, we have Ascend's free debt settlement calculator you can take below that helps you estimate your monthly payment plan that includes all of the fees. It's 100% free and allows you to compare debt relief to other options such as debt management and debt payoff planning.

When you get in touch with Turbo Debt, they will refer you to other debt relief companies. Therefore, we can estimate the cost of their services based on the charges of the company they recommend you, which may be National Debt Relief.

So, how much does National Debt Relief cost?

Let us compare these charges with the charges from National Debt Relief. NDR are forthcoming, and they clearly state that clients who get their debts settled through the program will save approximately 46% before fees or pay 25%, including their fees, within a year to two years. So, their fees are estimated at 21%

The between 15 and 25% is a wide range, which could be misleading for most consumers. Besides, the fee is high compared to companies we at Ascend recommend to our clients. Most of the companies we recommend charge 15-17%. The percentage difference might not seem significant but do the math. The lower fee can help you save thousands, which matters in your financial struggles.

What Is Turbo Debt?

You are probably wondering what is Turbo Debt and how does it work.

If you are hearing about Turbo Debt for the first time, you are probably wondering what it is and how it works. A common question is whether the company is new to the market.

As a debt expert who has worked in the debt settlement industry, I am yet to see a company with 5-star reviews. Despite your best efforts, customers are different and come in with different expectations. Additionally, debt settlement is a gamble since some creditors may accept what you have to offer, while some reject it. So, having a 5-star rating from all your clients is quite tricky.

Turbo Debt surprises me with more than 2,000 reviews, each with a 5-star rating. Let us compare this to the National Debt Relief, a popular and long-term debt settlement company. National Debt Relief has been operational for 13 years and has 3,500 reviews on Google but doesn't have a 5-star rating.

My curiosity led to me digging much deeper into Turbo Debt. The earliest record of Turbo Debt on the internet dates to August 5, 2020, and their Facebook page was created on March 24, 2020. So, the company has been around for roughly two years.

Based on their online presence, it is safe to assume Turbo Debt is a new company, so where did all the 2,000 reviews come from? Interestingly, Turbo Debt had more than 400 reviews a month. In contrast, with all its popularity across the U.S. and wide customer base, National Debt Relief only had 150 Google reviews in a month.

There is a lot to be desired in the reviews. But before we rush to conclude, let us try and see some of the thoughts of Turbo Debt on BBB and see if the reviews are legit or too perfect.

Check this Google TurboDebt review distribution based on month.

TurboDebt BBB Accreditation:

Before working with a debt settlement company, it is essential to check if the company is BBB accredited. After much research and review, I didn't find a BBB page associated with the company.

BBB charges an average of $530 for accreditation, which shouldn't be a burden for a great-performing company. While it is not a requirement, BBB accreditation builds trust, and thus, most debt settlement companies like to show the certification and rating as proof of legitimacy.

My research on Trust Debt on BBB only yielded the company Turbo Debt Recovery, a debt collection agency, probably not the same company since Turbo Debt focuses on debt settlement.

Now, let us see some of the reviews from customers.

TurboDebt Reviews

I cannot comment much on the legitimacy of Turbo Debt reviews. So, I will assume they are legitimate as I don't have evidence to support the contrary. But, the reviews are interesting.

Try Google "Turbo Debt Reviews" on your browser. The first search that will pop up is for the debt collection agency, which we found was BBB accredited. So, to get the reviews for Turbo Debt settlement company, you need to dig deeper.

At the time of my research, Turbo Debt has 2,243 reviews on Google, with a 4.9 rating which is impressive. Its rating on TrustPilot is 4.9 and 4.7 on Facebook.

A Closer Look at Turbo Debt Google Reviews

With 2,242 reviews, let us take a closer look. When researching a company, I urge people to start with 1-star reviews. So, I took my advice and started with a 1-star rating on the site.

It gets interesting.

The negative reviews are reviews on the customer experience with other debt settlement companies. I also noted an inconsistency with the positive reviews as well. In another review, a user named Alicia thanked Raymond for being helpful and setting her up with the National Debt Relief.

National Debt Relief, as previously noted, is among the largest debt relief companies and is popular in the United States. While it effectively helps people get rid of debt, the company has negative and positive reviews. Try looking into their reviews, or search "National Debt Relief Screwed Me" on Google and see how many negative reviews pop up.

So, if such a reliable, legitimate company has negative reviews displayed on their websites, what about Turbo Debt? Although the reviews appear legitimate, there is a lot to desire about these reviews.

My hypothesis about these reviews is that when you contact Turbo Debt, they request for you to leave a review before or immediately after you enroll in their program. Debt weighs heavy on people, and debt relief lifts an unimaginable weight off their shoulders. But like I said, debt settlement affects the credit score. So, when their credit score fails, or the negotiations don't go through as promised, and the creditor takes a drastic measure like going to court, they could be significantly devastated.

Would I use Turbo Debt based on the reviews?

This is merely my opinion. I am not sure I would use TurboDebt based on what I read.

First, their ad is something I am yet to understand. They tell people that their credit score will not be affected, while I know for effect credit scores may drop after debt relief.

Second, the fact that TurboDebt says you may not pay back the debt is difficult for me to understand given that you often have to pay back some of the debt in debt relief.

Alternatives to TurboDebt

There are other alternatives you can explore other than Turbo Debt. While we will discuss these options generally, you can use our debt options comparison calculator for a personalized comparison of the cost of each option, duration, advantages, and disadvantages.

Debt Management

It is a debt relief option where the company negotiates for a lower interest rate on your debt. Debt management companies are mostly non-profit and charge fairly low, an average of $40 per month. It is also referred to as credit counseling and doesn't affect your credit score as much as debt settlement. It also takes longer, as it could take three to five years to clear the debt. While you may not save much through debt management, you get ample time to pay off your debts.

Another Debt Settlement Company

The company Turbo Debt recommends charges fairly high fees. So, you can choose to work with a different debt settlement company with lower charges. Lower fees help you get rid of debt and save money. We can recommend some debt settlement companies if you contact us.


Although most people stay clear of bankruptcy and treat it as a last resort, it is a great debt relief option. Depending on your current financial state, you can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you don't have enough income to pay debts, or your income is less than the median income in your state, Chapter 7 could do. On the other hand, if you have some income, but it is not enough to repay your debts, Chapter 13 could be ideal.

Summing it Up

Turbo Debt is a company that refers customers to other debt settlement companies like Beyond Finance and National Debt relief. There is much to be desired about its reviews, but you can work with the company and research the company they refer you to. Ensure you understand debt settlement, how it works, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau guidelines before signing up with any debt settlement company.

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