Trying To Pay You Some Money

by Dawn
(Lexington,Ne. USA)

I need for you to get a hold of me I have tried
and tried by phone and cannot get anyone. I am trying to make a payment to you on (removed)bank card which is mine Please get in touch with me so I can try to pay it My phone # is (removed) I am Donald's wife I need an account # so I can make a payment. I was with a company that should have taken care of this and did not So now I am owing more than I should be.

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Dawn - We are NOT the collection agency. We are a consumer education website. Yours is the second complaint like this we've seen today. Have you tried contacting Square Two Financial using the information they list on their website?

SquareTwo Financial Consumer Funding
4340 S. Monaco, Second Floor
Denver, CO 80237
Telephone: 303.296.3345
Toll Free: 800.478.5541

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Feb 10, 2014
by: Franciscoj Perez

I trying to pay a debt, please contact me at (phone # removed). I rather speak in Spanish than English.

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We'd like to help but we aren't the debt collector. You may want to try to reach them directly. We believe this is the website you want:

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