Trying to Keep Up With Mom's Hospital Bills

by Joe R.

I am currently trying to keep up with my mom's hospital bill's. I just received notice from a collection agency demanding she pay this bill. She is currently in nursing home and does not have enough money to pay collection notices and nursing home. What should I do with the collection agency? What can I expect?

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We're sorry to hear of the difficulty you are having with your Mom's medical bills.

We don't have an easy solution for you since we don't know all the details of her finances. But we do have a few suggestions:

1. Have you tried meeting with the hospital to find out whether your mother qualifies for charity care? If not, we recommend you do that.

2. Your mother may be judgment proof and if she is, there may not be a whole lot the collection agencies can do to try to collect. If so, you can tell them not to contact you again.

However, there could be a problem if she needs to go to the hospital again, so be sure to keep that in mind when you decide how to proceed.

Please read our page about medical debt collection for more information.

We hope these resources help you find a way to deal with this difficult situation.

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