Trying to collect from me for my mother

by Danielle

I received a bill from a medical collector stating that I owe a balance. On the back of the letter, there was a breakdown of the debts. On the first line my name is listed and the debt owed. The second line is in my mother's name for an instance I know nothing about. My mother and I have not been on the same insurance for years and there should have been no way they should have been able to link our debts together. I have tried calling the phone numbers listed on the letter but both are coming back with busy tones. Maybe I am calling outside of business hours so I will try again tomorrow but I find it odd!

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Nov 27, 2015
how to prove the signature
by: Anonymous

My mother doesn't speak English. I faxed a letter, but they said it doesn‘t have my mother signature. My mother doesn't have diving license that can prove her signature, what can i do? Help!

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We're sorry but we don't know enough to answer the question. Who is requiring you to prove your mother's signature and why? Is this a debt collector? What are you sending them - a cease contact letter?

We need to understand the situation in order to respond.

Oct 17, 2015
Collection Report with My Name from my Wife
by: Anonymous

During a time of a separation with my wife, she failed to pay a dentist bill. I ended up getting contacted by a collection agency and after 9 months I paid the agency. We are now divorced and it still reports on my credit report that this was my debt.

Do I have anyway of changing this debt/collection agency report out of my name?

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Have you tried disputing it with the credit reporting agencies? If the collection agency doesn't respond, it will be removed. They may no longer have interest in it since they've been paid. We talk more about disputing collection accounts on credit reports in our book, which you can download here for free.

May 22, 2015
electric Co charging me for family members debt!
by: Anonymous

I live in a small town and have a big family. The lady at the electric company is trying to add a family members past due balance to my electric bill. The family member does not live with me, but the lady doesn't care and says I have to pay it or she will disconnect my electric! Help!

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Since this does not involve a third party collector, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not apply. But it is probably illegal under state law to try to hold you responsible for a family member's debt when you don't share the same property. We would recommend you find the agency that regulates electric utility companies in your state (often a public utility commission or something like that) and ask them for help understanding your rights.

Feb 22, 2015
Mothers Debt
by: Anonymous

My Credit got ruined by collections due my mother not paying an apartment bill and shows that i have to pay close to 9,000$. I have proof that I didnt sign any papers about the apartment nor my name being on the contract. what should i do?

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If the collection agency is continuing to hold you liable despite your proof to the contrary, please consult a consumer law attorney. You may be entitled to damages if they broke the law.

Feb 17, 2014
Trying to collect from me for my mother

I am not 100% sure I understand your problem. However, I think you are telling us that a medical debt collector contacted you about a debt that your mother owes.

If we are correct, you should write the collector a letter stating that you do not owe the money and asking that you not be contacted about it again. If you make such a request, the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says that the collector must cease all contact with you other than to confirm receipt of your letter or to let you know about any actions it intends to take to collect the money (sue you for example) if it believes that you in fact owe the money.

For this reason, it's a good idea to ask yourself whether you signed any paperwork on your mother's behalf guaranteeing payment of the medical bill because if you did and your mother did not pay it, then you are legally liable to pay it and so the medical debt collector can in fact come after you for the money owed.

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