Trying to collect a debt when the minor was 16 at the time.

I was 16 at them time when my dads girlfriend, who is not a parent or guardian enrolled me in online schooling penn foster. Not even a week after I turned 18 I started receiving collection letters. Is it legal for them to try collecting a debt from when I was 16? And something I never finished or a parent never signed? I'm stuck on what I need to do to get this removed. It's ruining my credit already.

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We can't give you a definitive answer to your question. We are not attorneys, and state laws may apply here. Generally, contracts with minors are not enforceable, or may be voidable. However, it's possible your father could be liable for this bill.

We assume it's a substantial amount of money. So it's really important that you get legal advice. We suggest you consult with a consumer law attorney. Unfortunately, this will not likely be free. You will probably have to pay the attorney for a consultation. But that may be worth if it helps you avoid future problems down the road, such as debt collectors contacting you or even possibly trying to sue you.

We hope you are able to get this resolved.

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