Tried to make payment arrangement

(White Bluff, TN)

I live in Tennessee.I had 3 accounts with a payday advance company.The amounts were $230, $205 and $204. The amounts they are trying to collect are $260, $235 and $204. This has been almost 3 months ago. I lost hours at my job and was unable to make my payments. They call my home, cell and work phone up to 5 times each in as many hours.

I called them and told them to stop the calls and tried to make payment arrangements. I told them I could pay $50 per week to be split among the 3 accounts. I was told they can't do that. They insisted on $50 a week on each account. I can't do that and told them that I couldn't. They still call constantly. I use caller id and simply don't answer the phone. Is there anything I can do? $150 per week is just more than I can afford but want all the phone calls to stop.

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May 02, 2010
dealing with payday lenders
by: Gerri

Thanks for submitting your debt collection question on our Q&A page.

I am always amazed at how aggressive payday lenders can be for such small debts. I assume that it's the payday lender who is calling you and not a collection agency. If that's not the case, let me know using the comments link below.

Assuming it is the payday lender that you're dealing with, I don't think it would hurt for you to talk with the consumer law attorney to find out whether the payday loan was legal or whether it was a predatory loan. I suggest this because we've had another consumer recently tell us that he has payday loans were wiped out because they turned out to be illegal.

You can find a consumer law attorney who specializes in credit related cases at I understand you do not have money to pay an attorney right now. The first consultation should be free - but be sure to ask. If he or she is not able to help you, please let me know using the comments section below and we will look at other options.

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