Totaled Car

by Stacy
(Alameda, CA)

Am I responsible for a vehicle that is totaled when we were married and bought without my permission?

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Jan 07, 2011
Totaled car debt
by: Gerri


As you're probably aware, California is a community property state. That means debts incurred after the marriage are generally considered community property and both spouses can be held responsible for them.

I don't know what you mean by your statement that the car was bought without your permission. Did your ex-husband actually go out and buy a car and forge your information? (If so, that may be identity theft.) Or did he just buy a car without telling you about it? Those are two very different scenarios.

If you are being contacted by debt collector over this debt and you are not sure whether you owe it, my best suggestion would be for you to consult a consumer law attorney or bankruptcy attorney to help clarify that issue for you. I would imagine it's a substantial amount of money, so getting some good advice is probably worthwhile.

The co-author of the California edition of our e-book, Robert Brennan, may be able to help you here. His website is

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