total loss on vehicle and I have a title loan

by Tabatha
( greenville, South Carolina, United States )

I wrecked my suv about 1 month ago. I received an offer for settling with a total loss. The insurance company has already picked up the vehicle. Problem is, I have a title loan on the car. They requested I send my title in signed over to them. I have found my original title. The title loan place has a duplicate, because at the time the original was lost. My plans are to send my original title to the insurance company and then pay the loan off. Can I get in trouble for doing it this way? I really need the money now, and this would be the fastest route. I'm in South carolina, don't know if this matters.

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Let the insurance company know about the lien and ask them. The lien should be recorded so they should find out about it anyway. It's best to be upfront.

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