TK Financial In Pinol, Ca.

by J Garcia
(San Jose, Ca.)

I had gotten into a mess with a corporation that haired me back in early Feb 2005. I was looking for a job when I was given a job to collect mail packages for this company in Canada. They haired me as a mailer and I was told that I would get my first pay check in 2 weeks.

Well it took them 1 month to pay me because they said I was part time. Any way, they sent me a check for $5000.00 and they told me that it was an accident on the payroll department part, and that to please deposit it into my checking account and send them the remaining balance of $2500.00. This told me that I was paid $2500.00 for 2 weeks work. I only got 5 letters form different companies and I forward it to there instruction.

I went to the bank to deposit my check and my bank told me that I had to wait 10 working days because the check came from Canada. I said ok, I guess I have to wait for me money. I waited my 10 days and the bank called me to tell me that the funds were available and I can can pay my bills. 4 days later the back called me to tell me that the check that I deposited had "Bounced"!! What!! I told the bank that half of the money was still in my checking and to take it now! Because my employer told me to send back the balance of the $2500.00 in a money order back to them and that's what I did. Now the bank is making me pay the balance of the $2500.00. I was making the payments until I got a call from the backs collection department and they were totally "Gustapo" tactics!! And the guy was yelling at me! So I stopped making the payment at that point.

I called the banks collection department and they said that they got a collection agency to collect from me. I went to tried to deal with them 3 times to see if they would accept a cash offer, they said NO!

So, I never called or my wife has never called the collection agency "TK Financial" in Pinol, Ca.
When I called them they were totally acting like GOD! That if I did not pay them there were going to take me to court or attache my wife wages. Then they told me that they talked to my wife last year, Ha! My wife has NEVER talked to them at all! They are Liars! That my wife was going to talk to a loan company to pay off the balance. This totally surprised me because this was the first time we ever called them! So i wonder where did they ever get that info from?

TK Financial in Pinol, Ca. are Liars and crooks doing business in Collections.

Thanks for reading this letter.

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Aug 30, 2010
employment scam
by: Gerri

Mr. Garcia,

What a mess! It sounds like you have fallen victim for a classic scam. Unfortunately you aren't the only one who has gotten caught in these kinds of scams. It's really unbelievable what people can do to others.

You certainly should report the scam to where it will be shared with law enforcement.

As for the collection account, it would be a good idea for you to at least we will answer your debt collection question for free so you understand your right when dealing with this debt collector.

We hope you're able to find a way to put this behind you.

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