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by Sandie N
(Phoenix, AZ )

I had two loans with a credit union for a car and a truck I paid the Truck loan off in full in 03/2010 in 6/2010 I lost my car to repo. they will not release the title to the truck that was paid in full untill pay off the Car loan in full is this legal since i did pay the agreed amount owed on the truck the title should be released to me? or can they hold the title randsome on the payment in full of the car?

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Sep 28, 2010
repo on one car, title on another
by: Gerri


It sounds like both vehicle loans are with the same lender. Is that correct? If so, it is not unusual for credit unions to include clauses in their contracts that allow them to offset your loan with money you have on deposit, or in your case, with the equity in your other vehicle.

We are going to have to suggest you talk with your own attorney to find out if this is what's going on, whether it's legal, and to understand your options for protecting the equity in your paid off vehicle.

A bankruptcy attorney should be able to help you and the first consultation will likely be free.

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