time warner cable trying to collect 7 year old debt

I received a call from the ''compliance office'' of time warner the other day stating that their compliance office had done an internal audit and discovered an unpaid bill from just over 7 years ago for $5xx.00 and that they had disconnected my cable prior to the call because of it.

Oh, really...first i don't remember never paying a bill in the past and have moved 3 times since the address they are saying the bill is for. Everytime I've moved to a new place I moved my Time Warner cable service to the new address.

of course i asked to see this phantom menace of a bill and told them if it was correct i'd pay it the next week, but they must turn my cable back on.

They said they'd give me 3 days to pay or disconnect the cable, again.

How do I handle this?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

There is not a simple answer to this question. On the one hand, this debt is probably outside the statute of limitations. (You didn't say what state you live in.) But on the other hand they may be able to deny you service if you have an outstanding bill.

You may need to try to reach the executive customer service office at TWC to see if you can get through to someone who can help you figure this out.

We would definitely like to hear what happens!

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