Ticket for not spaying or neuter of my cat.

The ticket was $250 but they would lower it to $150 if she had the procedure done by a certain date. But my cat was pregnant so I couldn't do it, so I had to pay $25 for a appeal which I did. The ticket was upheld but it was back to $250 which I couldn't pay bcuz I'm on S.S Disability. I was served to go to court where I met with the debt collectors & did a payment agreement which I presumed was for $250.

I'm on high doses of pain medications & didn't realize how much it was. I have paid $200 & I can't afford anymore & don't think it's fair. So I received a letter saying they were taking me back to court. What can they do to me, especially if I only get disability every month? I live in Denver Colorado. Thank u for ur help.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

I know you are in a rough spot but having volunteered for a cat rescue for many years I have to wonder why you didn't get your cat altered before it got pregnant? There are many free and low-cost programs available for people with limited means. If you haven't gotten her altered now, PLEASE do!

Lecture over. Now you now need to find out what the procedure is for enforcing these tickets in your state. Talk to someone at the court and ask them what you need to do if you can't afford to pay the fine. You may have to file some kind of paperwork showing that the enforcement of this fine would be a hardship. If you can't find someone there who can help you, try your state consumer protection office. (It's usually part of your state attorney general's office.) Since your income is strictly from disability there is a good chance there is not much they can do to force you to pay but we don't know the specifics for your state.

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