threatening calls about payday loan from missouri when I now live in Texas

by kim

I received several threatening call yesterday from a company who says I owe them $500 for a pay day loan taken out in Missouri. I did live in Mo fopr 2 years. I was robbed of my ss card and birth certificate while living in a homeless shelter,although I did not report to police only the director of shelter. The phone call said they will take me to court for fraud. What are my options, I am on a fixed income and disabled barely able to pay my bills now. I also now live in Texas. what are my options?

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If they are threatening to take you to court for fraud then you are dealing with a debt collection scam operation. This is very common and they are a nuisance, but there isn't anything they can really do to you. Ask them for all their information so you can report them to law enforcement. They will usually back down when they realize you aren't an easy target.

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