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(It) provided me with the information I needed to make sure the debt collectors were not violating my consumer rights as to harassing phone calls and messages. - MK

We stopped all the harassing phone calls - Michael

Excellent information. Sample letters have been very helpful in many cases. - Dale

As a consumer advocate in the west coast, I realize the importance of education, your book “Debt Collection Answers” is a must have for anyone with any debt. Collectors will definitely abuse a consumer that is not equipped with the necessary tools to assist them. Your book provides that valuable information. - Alex Viecco, Debt Free Hour.com

I've found the book extremely helpful. It's very difficult for people who aren't involved in debt collection or lawyer proceedings to know which way to go in their pursuit of working with debt collectors. Your book has been so important to me. - Robert

Not that long ago, after I'd resolved numerous debt collection problems I was having I received a call from my sister-in-law in another state. My brother is a highly-skilled worker and can be gone weeks at a time on assignment, so on occasion my sister-in-law just calls to touch bases.
On this occasion she was tearful and afraid to call my brother. It seems a medical procedure she'd had some time ago was finally refused by their insurance provider. As the date of service was so old the hospital threw it directly to collections who threw it to their attorney who sent a letter and a initial court documents requesting a hearing for judgment.
As a practicing paralegal (in another field) in the state I live in and using information in the book I drafted an answer to the complaint. My sister-in-law represented herself pro se before the judge and who not only set aside the complaint and ordered the collection agency to cease and desist, he sent a demand to the Hospital and Health Insurance Company asking THEM to explain why they act this way. Rather than enter into litigation in either situation, the hospital wrote off the entire debt as far as my sister-in-law was concerned. She received a call from her State's Attorney General regarding the matter, apparently that agency will be shut down shortly.
Thank you! - Jim

(The book) has gotten my son out of debt for a charge he had on a credit card someone gave him when he was 18 years old. Once he started getting late fees, he was overwhelmed and finally stopped paying anything because he never could get caught up. After five years, they finally quit calling him when he requested they correspond in writing and send documentation of all of the charges. They never sent any info and we haven't heard from them since. My son is wiser now and is very careful with his credit after that. - Sharon Y.

It has helped me better understand the nature and personality of the bill collector. It has also taught me how to take a legal stance with bill collectors and how to remain firm and not waver. - Edward

The E-Book provided a wealth of information regarding debt collection practices. The information and forms contained in the E-Book allowed me to stop two debt collectors from virtually ruining my credit. It was well worth the investment. - Lorraine

I followed your recommendation to send a letter to a national collection agency, offering to make a final lump sum payment on an old debt which has apparently been sold a couple of times. Even though my offer was less than the 'face value' of the 6 year old debt, I expected a response but have not received any indication, after almost 90 days. Is there any advantage to pursuing this matter in order to correct my credit history, or should I allow the 7-year time window to run out in 2008?
Although the above situation has not been resolved, I did use the same technique with another national credit collection agency and negotiated a mutually agreeable settlement for which they notified the major credit bureaus that my account was paid in full.
Thank you. - Karl

I really appreciate the work you are doing. Debt collection and the bullying by major companies with no recourse for consumers is probably the biggest scourge in our society at present. - Paul

About these testimonials: All were collected in 2008 in response to a survey we sent to consumers who had ordered the previous version of our book. The only compensation they received was a complimentary copy of another book by one of the authors.

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