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Residential tenant is now in hospice program. How do we collect the debt owed thus far (2) months? How do we collect should the tenant passes and still owes for rent and other charges? No information on relativesor friends? We have not rented the property, as of yet because we stand on the reason that we have not "accepted" the surrender of the porperty. Therefore, the lease is not officially terminated because we "found out" that tenant had vacated the property after a month or two of tenant's hospitalization.
How do we file a claim to recoup rent loss and other charges totaling about $1100?


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Nov 07, 2012
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

I recommend that you schedule an appointment with an attorney who is familiar with landlord/tenant law in your city and state. The attorney can advise you of your rights given your situation and what to do.

Also, given the relatively small amount you are owed, you can probably file a claim against the tenant in small claims court. Contact the clerk for that court to find out what the process is. However, be sure too talk with a landlord/tenant lawyer first.

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