Tax Debt

by Desprit
(San Diego)

My husband abandoned me and our kids with his tax bill, now IRS is taking the money from me and my kids, Can you tell me what I can do to stop this,

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Oct 16, 2011
Tax Debt

So sorry about your situation. I assume that the tax debt you are referring to is unpaid federal income taxes. Because you live in a community property state, any debt that was incurred during your marriage to your husband is your joint debt. In other words, both of you are equally liable for it. That means that if the IRS cannot collect the money it is owed from your husband, it can try to collect it from you, which sounds like what has happened. The IRS does not care who pays it the money it is owed; it just wants its money. However, I recommend that you meet with a CPA who handles taxes for consumers to see if he/she has any recommendations about what you can do to try to get your husband to help pay the taxes -- the CPA may be able to talk to the IRS on your behalf for example and explain your situation. It's also possible that the CPA can work out a payment plan to pay off the taxes or even get the IRS to agree to let you pay less than the full amount that is due on the taxes as payment in full.

I also recommend that you meet with a consumer bankruptcy attorney. I do not know anything about your overall financial situation, but if the attorney determines that you are a good candidate for bankruptcy and you decide to file, once you do, all collection actions against you will stop, including all efforts by the IRS to collect money from you, giving you some breathing room to figure out, with the attorney's help, how to resolve your financial situation. For example, it's possible that you may be able to get rid of all most of debt you may owe through bankruptcy and while you are in bankruptcy, your CPA or the attorney, may be able to figure out a way to resolve your tax problem. If he does not, you will still be obligated to pay that particular debt once your bankruptcy is over because bankruptcy will not wipe out debts owed to Uncle Sam. However, if you owe less money overall once you've completed your bankruptcy, paying that debt may be easier for you to do.

Go here to schedule a FREE consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. The attorney should be able to refer you to a CPA. Good luck!

Good luck!

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