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If I have no income, became disabled almost 2 years ago and I am taken to court for a past collection for a repoed motorcycle. Am I still liable to pay this debt? And will there be a judgment placed on my credit immediately?

I have told the creditor in the past I have prior health issues and have a disability. Now that I am returning to school I pulled a loan out to settle with them so I can put this past. The court date is tomorrow and there not accepting the 30% settlement offer. Instead there wanting nearly 80% of the total, which is $9000 there asking for.

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By the time you have read this, you have hopefully at least appeared in court about this debt. We really try go urge visitors to our site to get legal advice as soon as they are notified that a debt collector is taking legal action against them.

We can't offer you legal advice, but what we can explain is that simply becoming disabled does not relieve you from responsibility for a debt. What it can do is affect what the creditor can and cannot do to collect once it gets a judgment. If you are receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability payments), for example, those payments are typically safe from creditors.

Borrowing to try to pay the debt collector - especially without a written agreement to settle in hand was also not a good idea. We hope you have not given them the money you borrowed toward this debt yet.

Unfortunately, the judge may have awarded the creditor a judgments against you. If so, you need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney immediately to find out what the judgment creditor can and cannot do to collect from you. Please get some professional advice so you can figure out how best to proceed. We suggest you set up a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney who can explain your options now.

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