Summons for HOA fees from 4 years ago on a foreclosed property

by Renee
(San Francisco, CA USA)

I was just served a summons for HOA fees on a property I foreclosed in 2007. I wrote to the HOA company giving them notice that i no longer will be living at this residence and paid my fees up to the month I walked away from the property. I have never received anything from them since then and all of the sudden I am served with this summons. In the summons they have my husband's name mispelled as the AKA and also they checked the box that states defendant still resides in county. The summons was filed in Sacramento where they property is located but I no longer live in Sacramento, I live in San Mateo County. Also, is there a statue of limitations on this?? Please advise on how I should respond to this??

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Renee - You really need to consult an attorney to find out what your options are here.

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