Sued for a debt from my old college

I have been summoned papers from a college I attended 5 years ago, to pay back $1320 w/ $495 in interest; but I don't understand why I owe them money directly because I took out a student loan to cover what FASFA did not cover. Could I counter sue them for lack of information? I now live in California and the school is in Saint Louis. They never even tired to contact me to try and settle this debt before the summon.

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It's hard for us to ascertain what happened in this situation and since it is not a third party debt collector suing you we unfortunately don't have much advice to offer. (We focus on debt collection problems on this site, and although this is a debt, someone trying to collect their own debt doesn't fall under that definition for purposes of federal law.) We wish we could help but we're going to have to suggest you try talking with a consumer law attorney or Legal Aid to see if they can help you understand your rights here. You may want to visit the website of to find an attorney in your area.

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